Affordable Hearing Aids

Hearing empowers us. It helps us keep up with friends, stay on top of work and communicate with the ones we love. Research also shows that hearing affects our overall health in ways we may not expect including protecting us from dementia, isolation, depression and other health considerations.

Investing in improving your hearing is an investment in your quality of life and future health.

When you purchase hearing aids with Affordable Hearing Aid Solutions, we help you protect that investment. With your hearing aids comes a three-year warranty, batteries, and follow up care. You’ll be protected against all the things that can affect your hearing aids such as heat, humidity, earwax, and normal everyday use.

We’re dedicated to helping our clients in Liberal find the right hearing solutions at affordable prices. In addition to offering a wide variety of affordable hearing aids, we accept insurance and some financing options. Ask us how we can help make hearing aids more affordable.

Leasing Hearing Aids Is Another Affordable Option

You deserve to hear every word without being burdened by the cost of hearing aids. If you’re struggling to find affordable hearing aids, consider our leasing program. We can put you in modern hearing aids for less than you think. Ask about our current offers. 

  • 40 low monthly payments
  • Follow-up appointment visits
  • Routine care and maintenence
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Upgrade technology every 40 months
  • Hearing aids turned in after rental are used in our Hospice Program

We Offer
Hearing Aid Leasing

Looking for affordable hearing aids? We lease top brands on a monthly basis. Ask us.

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We Offer
Hearing Aid Leasing

Looking for affordable hearing aids? We lease top brands on a monthly basis. Ask us.

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Insurance and Hearing Aids

The only way to know for sure what your coverage allows is to check with your health insurance provider to determine whether the purchase of hearing aids is covered under your specific insurance plan. We can help you navigate these waters: Give us a call and we can check insurance coverage for you, including worker’s comp. 

We Accept CareCredit®

At Affordable Hearing Aid Solutions, we also accept CareCredit, a credit card for health-related expenses, including hearing services, hearing tests and hearing aids. CareCredit allows you to pay for expenses not covered by health insurance using special financing. Find out more at

Ask us about rechargeable batteries.

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